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Julie did a great job and went above and beyond for us.

...we are not the easiest people to work with ????. She is also great resource for remodel questions and referring qualified people that can help! We give her 5 stars and a steak dinner at the new place! Thanks Jules!

Tricia Perez

Julie helped make our home buying experience seamless!

She was a step ahead of us from the beginning to the end, which made the process so much easier. Julie always answered our calls, not matter what time, just to make sure our questions were answered. I would highly recommend her for your next home purchase or selling!

Darcy Brady

I’m fortunate to have known Julie from years ago.

Having worked with her on many projects I’ve learned that she is a huge heart, a strong will and impeccable integrity. When we started talking about buying our home recently and we were told our first step was to get a realtor, Tooty and I knew that Julie would be great to work with on this. We had no idea how much was involved with buying a house, it’s a lot but Julie kept it simple, walked us through it all with a smile. She knows her stuff and has a great group of support staff at EXP to help her ensure we got every detail right. This was our first home buying experience, so glad we had Julie help us get it done. We will be in this home for a long time but when it comes time to buy the next one or when my kids need to buy a house, we’ll be calling Julie Yunger.

Vincent Mohr

so if anyone is looking to sell or buy a home.

look no more and call julie. she is full of energy and knows how to get stuff done. she will ask few questions about what your wanting to do and whatever your circumstance is. before your almost done even answering the question she's off and running. well she will let you finish but barely. there was many times I couldn't get out of work during my buying process for different things at the house. she dropped whatever she was doing and just said I'll go take care of it. this kinda energy and heart is hard to find. so if your eager to buy or sell give julie a call she will make stuff happen asap. I'm speaking from 35 years of construction experience. bob.j

Bob Jennen

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